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In a world where every company strives to supply anything anywhere at any time due to market or legal policies that benefits the free competition there’s one thing that can make a company stand out of the crowd and this is the LEVEL OF SERVICE delivered to the customers. Although end customers are now more than ever spoilt by the oversupply they still demand first quality service and personal attitude and what is more they APPRECIATE IT.


Considering the way markets move nowadays we are facing a whole new trend that product development should be focused on, namely CREATING SERVICE FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. Yes, the most important thing is still the customers’ satisfaction and since nobody can be professional in all aspects then the most important thing is to ensure that wholesalers and agents can deliver first quality service. Thus producers should start considering how to help their distributors stay on the top of the wave and doing so they cannot get easily washed away. 


CREATING SERVICE FRIENDLY PRODUCT means that it should be easy to deliver and easy to use in compliance with customers’ preferences. More producers now are focused on the specifics of their production, storage and sales and they seldom think about the difficulties over the chain of distribution, the arising competition and the respective market specifics.


Escreo is a company with orientation and policies that are structured in a way that makes out of it truly SERVICE FRIENDLY PRODUCER that is ready to hear what its distributors and agents have to say. The main goal is to answer all the questions that the market can ask together with the designated partners. Escreo is truly dedicated to assuring the best possible service without making its partners pay the whole price for it.


Escreo and IBM

Escreo and IBM


Escreo offers well known whiteboard solutions but the most important thing is how they are offered. Escreo whiteboard solutions represent unique combination of high quality and easy-to-service products due to the following specifics:

  • Escreo offers fast drying paints (application can be done in just 1 day with overcoat drying time of less than 2 hours) even if it is necessary to apply a layer of primer
  • Escreo offers unique drying process that requires just 3 days before using the surface
  • Escreo offers ready tinted paint in 213 RAL colors so distributors and agents do not need to make the coloring themselves without clear and explicit formulas for tinting
  • Escreo offers customizable packaging based on our distributors’ demands for the respective market
  • Escreo offers environmental friendly water -based solutions that meet all EU legal requirements





By reducing the whole process of application and drying time to just 4 days we are ensuring that end customers will have their functional surfaces done in the shortest possible time that any solution may offer. Meanwhile the distributors and the agents can also deliver the required paint in the color their customers need matching their corporative identity and keeping their color patterns. The customizable packaging means that end customers will buy and pay exactly what they need and thus they are not forced to extend their budgets unnecessary.


Assuring the BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE WITH SERVICE FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS is the only right option to consider if a producer wants to increase the market share and to retain the distributors and the agents focused and dedicated to a product and Escreo is fully aware of this fact. If you want to know more about Escreo whiteboard solutions visit the website or contact Escreo at