EsCreo – top 3 reasons why we love this whiteboard!

Escreo white boad paint


Since March 2016 AG Business Lab Ltd. is premium partner for Bulgaria and export partner for EsCreo – the Bulgarian whiteboard paint manufacturer. After having about 2 years of experience with different whiteboard solutions we can honestly say that EsCreo is probably the best solution to write on and to easily and continuously wipe-off. Our practice shows that EsCreo 2-component whiteboard paint has numerous advantages over other popular solutions like:

  • EsCreo application takes JUST few hours and can be DONE IN ONE DAY!


  • EsCreo is ready to use in JUST THREE DAYS!


  • EsCreo is the ONE & ONLY solution worldwide that comes in optional SEMI-MATT ERASABLE FINISH for low-glare projector presentations


escreo writing on the wall


You will also find that EsCreo is easy for maintenance and guarantees long lasting results. The application needs two coats that gives you smooth and reliable finish. In the same time the drying time between 1st and 2nd coat is reduced to just 2 hours so you will not have to start over on the other day. Last but not least EsCreo comes in more than 213 different colours without price premium and you can design the surface in more than 50 shapes that can be combined with different colour borders.


EsCreo has all the features that you may ask for like: ZERO VOC, designated primers, application over different surfaces, magnetic paint that is REALLY strong and the ability to ship world-wide. Last but not least EsCreo can be shipped to the designated distributors in various packages in accordance with the market specifics and importer’s preferences.


The team behind EsCreo is in never ending R&D process so be aware of recent updates. For more information contact us at